Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cricut Expressions 2

Go enter the Cricut giveaway at
or better yet, don't enter that way I have a better chance of winning!! LOL

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I wanted to let you all know about a giveaway going on at one of my favorite blogs!! Head on over to and check out her fabulous Lilly P giveaway!! You have until midnight tonight to enter to win a monogrammed tray from The Mongram Merchant. Be sure to follow @LuluDaisy on twitter and facebook and do the same for The Monogram Merchant too in order to get some extra entries and if you have a blog go blog all about the giveaway too!!!

Good luck!! I'll have you all over and serve you off of my new Lilly P tray very soon!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost time...

Friday is the BIG DAY!! That is the day that Bamboopink launches and you will be able to start ordering jewelry directly from me!!! I am so excited to be able to get in on the ground floor of this awesome opportunity!!!

I am excited about the group of ladies who have signed up underneath me and I can tell you it is NOT TOO LATE to join us!! You can join on my website and be sure to go to my team's Facebook page "Bamboopink Team Paisley Magnolia" Here are some pics of the gorgeous, moderately priced jewelry!! Enjoy the sneak peek!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Come Bamboo Pink with me!!

So all across the internet, mostly through blogs, you'll find a little button that may look similar to the photo above, saying Join My Team. First, I'm not really into network marketing. I like to tell people that because I really don't have the time between my family, work, crafts,and church activities. All of that said....I think this is a TREMENDOUS opportunity for a ground level entry into a network marketing jewelry company who has already made a name for themselves through Bloomingdales. Want to try it for FREE? You've got one more week to sign up. Here's the skinny:

Join what is expected to be the fastest growing women’s internet start-up company in history with Bamboopink.

Bamboopink is a new fashionable, yet affordable jewelry line made and designed by a famous, high-end designer whose current line is sold in upscale department stores, is all over the red carpet and worn by Oprah! This company is the first of its kind, an internet launched company with virtual trunk shows…there are no parties to host and no phone calls to make.

Sign-ups are free, with no risks or obligations. The free signing period is only through March 15, after that you will have to pay to be a consultant.
What sets this company apart from other direct sales companies:
• GROUND FLOOR opportunity (probably won’t ever happen to you again!)
• Strongest company plan in the industry
• We have a very successful designer, multi-million dollar jeweler making & backing this jewelry, so it's sure to be successful.
• Instead of growing one sales rep at a time, this business model using the free sign-up period – we can grow fifty sales reps at a time – but the time to do that is NOW!
This company is going to explode in a few weeks with a national press release and official launch in April. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So be one of the first to sign up!

Then you can do the same as me and get credit for signing up your friends, which is what we are compensated for with jewelry, cash and/or an ipad. It is not about selling the jewelry at this point, but networking and creating interest. If you decide not to sell, you have lost nothing and your name is dropped from the list.

It’s simple to sign up, go to my site:

Copy this email (text and picture) into a new message and replace my webpage link with your webpage link and send it to your friends. You could win some awesome prizes and you could be building a fabulous network for yourself very quickly.

This page and its links are provided as an independent training resource for Consultants. The articles and resources provided at this site are for educational purposes. They may not have been evaluated by Bamboo Pink, Inc., and no endorsement or approval of the content is stated or implied.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Pics from commercial shoot

Lights, Camera, Action...

I have so much to catch up on here in Blogland but all of our Christmas fun will be in another post. This post is about the whirlwind week my kids and I have had.

Since moving to ATL last April the kids have been on several auditions and they have had their pictures and info submitted for several things that come up. Well, this week they were both asked to audition for a print shoot and a commercial that Children's Healthcare Center of ATL was filming for a campaign they have coming up. The audition was Tuesday and while we were there the casting people asked me to get up there and audition for the mom role with Camden. I was surprised on Wed when I got a call asking for Camden and I to do the print shoot and commercial on Thurs and Fri. By Wed night though the director and ad people decided to go a different route but to continue to hold Fri open for the commercial.

Thursday afternoon my phone rang and it was the casting people, the girl they decided to use freaked out in front of the camera and they wanted Grace as soon as we could get there. Off to school I went and got the kids and headed into ATL. Once there Grace did AWESOME, they loved her so much they decided to use her for the commercial, meaning Camden didn't get to do it :( He handled it pretty well, already trying to get a manager fee out of Grace.

Today for the commercial shoot she did AWESOME again, right up there in the camera and got her line done in basically 1 take...what a natural!!

This ad will only be shown in the south Georgia area so no one we know in ATL or in NC or FL will be able to see it and I believe the billboards and print ads will only be seen down there too. We will be able to get some pics from the photographer in a few weeks so we can start a portfolio for her. I am so proud of the DIVA!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Mid-November has not been my favorite time of year for quite sometime, 13yrs to be exact. What should have been the best time of my life...3 weeks before my wedding was rocked with an unforeseen tragedy.

When I was in high school one of the first people I met in Wake Forest was E. E was a couple yrs younger than me but we clicked instantly. She never met a stranger and everyone in town knew her and her family. She was loved by all who met her.

A couple years later I graduated and went off to college, my parents moved to Greensboro and then back to Wake Forest and we continued to keep in touch through letters (this was before email existed) and phone calls and we would see each other whenever I came home on weekends at football games,etc... The church my dad pastored in WF at that time just happened to be the church that all her extended family attended. Once she graduated and went to college she got in touch with me and said that one of her suite mates was dating a guy that I had dated a couple years before, small world. (I knew the girl, we had all gone to church together and been in the youth group together years before)....during this time she had contracted severe mono and had to be hospitalized on a couple of occasions, it looked really bad for her but she pulled through and made a complete recovery.

My parents moved back to Florida for my dad to Pastor a church closer to our hometown and extended family,Chris and I got engaged and she was one of the first people I called, she was sooo excited and could not wait to attend and we made plans to get together one weekend. That weekend never came...I was busy with wedding planning, work and showers. She had school and exams.

My dad came into town for the ordination service for Chris' uncle in Nov 1997, this was 3 weeks before my wedding. I had just moved into a new townhouse and had not gotten the cable turned on yet so we did not have access to the news that weekend and no one had my new phone number since I had only been in the place a week at the most... That Sunday morning we arrived at church in Durham went through the customary introduction and then the Pastor got up to do morning announcements and prayer requests...he began by talking about praying for the ex-boyfriends girlfriend and classmates of hers at Meredith this point I got a pit in my stomach, he continued that if anyone had seen the news about the car accident in Rolesville (this is right next to Wake Forest where I am from) that the girl killed in the accident was the suitemate to the girlfriend...I never heard E's name, although he did say it, but it was already obvious to me it was her and it was obvious to the pastor and those around us that something was wrong.

I don't remember much after that except that Chris and my dad had to take me out of the was an out of body experience to say the least. I am soo glad my dad was there with me that morning because it took him and my dad to get me out of the sanctuary. We spent the afternoon with my dad calling E's extended family to find out what had happened,etc...

Apparently on Sat morning E's dad went hunting and she and her mom were going to the nursing home to visit a family member. They had just left their house not 5-10min before when a lady in a car coming toward them had a heart attack, lost control and hit her and her mom head on. E didn't make it and her mom was severely injured.

The next couple of days were a blur, my dad had to go back to Fl and Chris and I went to the visitation. We got there early and still had to stand in line outside and then wrap our way through the funeral home before getting in to see the family. As soon as I got in the room I lost it, her cousin's wife who is a good friend of mine came and got me and walked with me to see E. Her mom was there in a wheelchair, bandaged up. The funeral the next day was just as hard as it was at Meredith in their big chapel.

It has now been 13 yrs...her mom is still in WF, her dad passed in Nov 2008 from cancer, I attended that funeral as well, such loving tributes to E at his funeral as well. I pray for her mom often as she has lost 2 kids (E had an older bro that passed when he was very little) and her husband. Although I think of E often throughout the year, this time of year is when it really hits home...I know she is in Heaven with my daddy, her dad and brother and our dear former "coach"...they are the FAB 5 up there right now, E knows what that means ;)